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Airdo Werwas Presents at the 2019 Illinois Health Care Association’s Annual Convention & Expo

Michael Airdo and Mollie Werwas presented two sessions at the Illinois Health Care Association’s Annual Convention & Expo, held in Springfield, Illinois on September 9-12, 2019.  First, Michael and Mollie discussed common pitfalls that arise in defending skilled care facilities in a presentation entitled, “Litigation Killers: When a Good Case Goes Bad.”  Topics discussed included documentation errors, the importance of care plans, evidence preservation, and witness depositions.  Their second presentation, “Social Media in the Nursing Home: A Legal Perspective,” provided conference attendees information about the liability exposures created by social media, and offered practical guidance for developing policies and procedures to minimize risk.

To learn more about these topics, or for assistance in nursing home and long term care litigation, please contact Michael Airdo, at [email protected], or Mollie Werwas, at [email protected].  For more information about the Illinois Health Care Association, visit www.ihca.com.