Data Security’s Weakest Links: Social Media and Human Error

Mollie Werwas, of Airdo Werwas, recently presented a webinar for the firm’s clients focusing on data security and social media, and provided advice and recommendations for organizations and entities that are navigating these issues.

During their webinar presentation, Mollie discussed the myriad of risks that can sometimes be created for businesses, organizations, and not-for-profit institutions by their employees’ use of social media, particularly in the realm of data security.  As the webinar discussion highlighted, issues of data security, and the risk of breaches caused by human error, impacts organizations and institutions of all sizes and across all industries.  Too often, the “weakest links” in an organization’s data security are the employees who use, or have access to, the business or organizations data and information, particularly when the access this information on the same devices that they use for social media.  Similarly, employees can also unknowingly or innocently share information on social media that creates liability for their employer, or compromises the security of an employer’s data.  However, through consultation with legal consultants and other professionals, many businesses and organizations can reduce these risks through adoption of policies and procedures, employee training, and other pro-active measures.

If your business or organizations faces these types of issues, the attorneys at Airdo Werwas have expertise in these areas and can provide guidance and counseling in response to these concerns.  For more information on this topic, please contact Mollie Werwas at

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