Local Government Law

Airdo Werwas, LLC’s Local Government Law Practice Group has extensive experience representing townships, other units of local government, and municipal corporations. The Local Government Law Practice Group assists local elected boards, officials, and employees in handling the unique and complex legal issues as they occur based on its varied experience in this area of law.The Group’s attorneys also represent and advise local governments on a variety of legal matters and compliance with a variety of local, state, and federal statutes. We handle personnel matters, including labor and employment issues and civil rights issues. We defend our clients in a range of civil actions and are well versed on the matters of premises liability, negligence, and tort immunity. Airdo Werwas, LLC provides our clients guidance in the implementation of a variety of civil engineering and construction projects, including matters regarding financing such initiatives, as well as initiating bids and complying with the requirements of the bidding process. We also assist our clients with financial matters and taxation issues. Our Local Government Group’s attorneys assist municipalities with the efficient and effective use of the land within the municipality’s boundaries and in uses regarding zoning, eminent domain, and condemnation. Finally, we give counsel to our clients on matters of government accountability and transparency, including requirements of the Illinois Open Meetings Act and the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”), to ensure that our clients are in compliance with these two complex and critical statutes to better serve the public.

Further, the Local Government Group reviews local government board meeting materials to ensure compliance with all necessary procedural and parliamentary requirements. Expert lawyers also attend local government board and committee meetings on behalf of our clients. We analyze and draft agreements, ordinances, resolutions, policies, contracts, and legal opinions on various matters affecting our local government clients.

The Local Government Group handles litigated matters on behalf of local governments in state and federal court and before many state and local agencies.

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