Conference for Women Religious in Los Angeles


Airdo Werwas, LLC, was honored to host a conference for women religious in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles entitled, “On Being Good Stewards—Legal Issues Facing Women Religious from Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow." The Conference focused on topics designed to address the unique legal challenges faced by female religious leaders in 2024. It included practical guidance on corporate governance, crisis management, and employment law matters. 

On June 26 and 27, at the Conference for Women Religious who minister in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Michael A. Airdo provided comprehensive workshops covering critical topics for women religious. He detailed the civil litigation process and essential legal terminology, laying a foundational understanding from lawsuit initiation to final judgment. Michael also discussed the legal intricacies of sexual abuse cases, focusing on litigation strategies and best practices for responding in such cases.  Emphasizing proactive strategies, Mr. Airdo offered steps to prepare crisis response teams and practical advice for addressing crises effectively. He highlighted best practices for drafting and updating policies, ensuring religious communities have clear and effective guidelines. Additionally, Michael stressed the importance of maintaining and updating corporate governance documents and bylaws to ensure compliance and successful succession planning. These sessions collectively equipped attendees with the knowledge and tools to handle legal challenges confidently, efficiently, and economically.

At the Conference for Women Religious in Los Angeles on June 26 and 27, Mollie N. Werwas hosted workshops that covered civil law defense, the dynamics of sexual abuse cases impacting women religious, and offered insights into insurance coverage in historical cases that our filed decades after the alleged tortious conduct. She provided a comprehensive overview of civil lawsuits filed against religious communities, with a focus on California cases and their broader implications. Mollie's session on insurance coverage offered practical insights into securing comprehensive protection. Ms. Werwas emphasized strategic policy navigation and proactive risk management, ensuring participants gained actionable knowledge to enhance their institutions' legal preparedness. These workshops empowered participants to protect the interests of women religious effectively, enhancing their ability to navigate legal complexities.

James C. Jansen was a presenter at the Conference for Women Religious held for vowed sisters who minister in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. James hosted workshops on detailed insights into drafting and revising policies tailored to the unique needs of women religious institutions. Addressing critical employment issues, Mr. Jansen navigated the legal complexities surrounding hiring practices, supervision standards, and termination procedures for women religious in 2024. He emphasized key pitfalls and best practices for mitigating risks and fostering a compliant and supportive workplace environment.

James's discussions on leadership responsibilities under civil law offered practical guidance on managing fiduciary duties and navigating potential conflicts within varying leadership structures of parent and subsidiary corporations. By equipping participants with actionable strategies and a deeper understanding of legal frameworks, he empowered attendees to sustain the mission and integrity of religious institutions in a complex legal landscape. James’s contributions ensured that participants were left with the ability to navigate legal challenges effectively and maintain organizational compliance and congregational resilience.

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