Barrett S. Laspesa presented on the Legal Implications in Officiating to members of the Illinois Officials Association


On February 12, 2024, Attorney Barrett Laspesa presented to members of the Illinois Officials Association (“IOA”) on the “Legal Implications in Officiating.” Laspesa addressed the legal protections available to officials and provided insights into insurance coverage available to amateur sports officials.

As a member of the board of directors for the over two hundred officials currently registered with the IOA, and with his extensive experience in officiating high school and college baseball, Barrett brings a wealth of experience when addressing issues related to sports officials. His dedication to educating fellow officials on legal matters demonstrates a commitment to upholding standards and ensuring fair and safe sporting events across Illinois and throughout the country. Given that there is currently a need to recruit new sports officials throughout Illinois and across the country due to declining interest in officiating youth sports, Attorney Laspesa is committed to bringing good men and women to the playing fields.

For more information, please contact Barrett S. Laspesa at or 312-506-4488.

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